To make flats more affordable, developers are offering projects without
amenities like pools and gyms, that come with hefty maintenance costs.

To meet the constant demand for low cost housing, many developers are now focusing on
budget homes. These houses are planned to utilize every inch of space to maximum efficiency
additionally, developers are eliminating high end amenities, which have become a given in upcoming
building in the city, in a bid to cut the overall maintenance cost.
“Developers have to become more receptive to client needs. Affordable housing is always in
demand all over the country. And when the market is slow, we try to analyse what. The sector will react
positively to,” says Rishabh Siroya, Partner, Siroya Group. The group’s Vasai Manor and Vasai Ville
projects offer 1, 2 and 3 BHK flats, which are spacious so as to accommodate buyers’ needs, but come
without amenities such as swimming pools, club houses, jogging tracker and gyms, reducing the overall
outgoing costs.


“Unlike the luxury segment homes, wherein the idea is to keep the quantum of stock limited, in
the affordable segment, apartments are constructed and soli in bulk with limited options to customize,
thereby reducing the overall cost. The profit percentage may be less in the affordable segment, but it is
the volume that makes the difference.” Says Siroya.

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