Legend Siroya, formely known as Siroya Developer is launching luxury township project “Marbella” in
The company is developing Marbella on the Mumbai-Pune express highway, at New Tungarli, from the
famous Fariyas Resort in Lonavala. The 38 –villa luxury will have Roman-style ‘bathhouse’, private and
simulator, amphitheatre, and outdoor.
Each Villa has been designed with special attention-to-detail, complete with individual swimming pools
and deck. The larger villas have lobby-height of 40 ft. The architecture ensures each property is spacious,
airy and has a beautiful view. Each villa has bee provided with a wind turbine, so that wind energy can
be utilized to operate generators in case of a power cut. A rustic jogging trail, indoor and outdoor games
arrangements, a water-front café, landscaped garden, state-of-the-art gymnasiums, spa chambers,
home theatre, library , and even a conference room for those who carry their work with them are some
other salient features of this project. Reserve osmosis water treatment facility is also provided to ensure
that all the available water is of drinkable quality, including that in toilets.