About US

Legend Siroya is one of the leading real estate Developers in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bengaluru, having expertise in a wide range of projects from Slum Rehabilitation to Luxury Projects. The group has also successfully completed a number of commercial projects in its early years of existence. Having completed a total of over 30 Lakh Sqft of constructed area spread across 25 + projects, the group has truly made landmarks wherever it has set its foot.


When you don’t know how things are “supposed” to be done, you find a different way of doing them. Which is why we eschew the professional way and opt for a more personal way of doing things. Our customers are welcome to meet the top brass at any time they’d like, without making an appointment. Quite unlike the layers of faceless “customer service representatives” We’re also a bit reluctant to focus on the practicalities. Luxurious amenities are all very well – and vital – but we believe there’s more to a home than what lies within its walls. It’s a place for families to call their own, a way for people to begin building their personal legacies. We tend to approach every project as if we were building it for ourselves, figuring if we wouldn’t want to build our lives there, why should we expect anyone else to?