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    Rishabh Siroya - Partner - Legend Siroya Realtors

    Rishabh Siroya considers the Development Control Rules his Bible. At 28, he is a Director, Siroya Group and belongs to the flock of young leaders who dream big for their companies and strive for their fulfillment.

    After completing his Bachelors in Marketing from Dubai, Rishabh took business courses at Wharton and Harvard. But he soon realized that was not his true calling and then the family business beckoned.

    The first year with the family’s jewellery business was more like a roller coaster ride gaining a plethora of experiences and understanding the nuances of the industry. But he was yet to find his footing.

    In 2008, Rishabh joined the family’s real estate business in Mumbai. By then Siroya Realtors had built a name for itself in the sector. Nonetheless, the struggle was hardly easy for him. Being a family member, if anything, only meant things were even more challenging.

    Rishabh’s first project as a partner was all about seizing the opportunity and proving his mettle. He had to hunt for a land on his own, find out the credibility of the sellers and much more. There was risk galore but he remained unfazed.

    Though the Siroyas have been in the real estate business for over two decades, Rishabh realized when he came on board that they had never tried speaking to the public. He put that on top of his agenda.

    He also tried to follow what his friends were experimenting with in their companies, but soon realized he had to tailor his strategy according to the requirements of his company. So instead of taking the already trodden path, he focused more on developing his team of young and passionate professionals.

    Today, in a volatile real estate market, Rishabh’s responsibilities as director include developing excellent branding for new projects, outpacing targets and cracking plans for the good of the company.

    When Rishabh was leaving Dubai to rough it in the dusty real estate labyrinth of Mumbai, people asked him why he was doing it. But he was ready for bigger risks hard-nosed decisions and enduring the intense scrutiny during tough times. He was happy with the idea of meeting new people everyday.

    With big plans for the company on his mind, the dynamic and suave Rishabh Siroya is all set with a hands-on approach and a slew of initiatives to achieve them.

    Rohan Siroya - Partner - Legend Siroya Realtors

    Although native to Mumbai, Rohan Siroya can hardly be called a hardcore Mumbaikar. Scion of the well known Siroya family, he became a global citizen from the ripe age of one, when his family relocated to Dubai. He completed his schooling in a British school in Dubai, and went to Canada for further studies. He completed his bachelor’s in Management and Organizational Studies (MOS) at the University of Western Ontario (UWO). Rohan chose his academic path well. The MOS programme taught him the basics of business, simultaneously grounding him in the social sciences and liberal arts. Those skills proved vital when he returned to Mumbai to join the family business.

    The web of family and business ties was closely interwoven and Rohan gained vast experience and exposure as he learnt the ropes. He began as a trainee at Microlab, a pharmaceutical company also a sister concern of Bal Pharma. He also worked as a trainee at Bal Pharma- a company started by his grandfather. Under the watchful eye of his grandfather and other family members, the young man learned to shoulder responsibility and become a leader. He returned to Dubai and worked in the contracts department of Petrotac Limited for a brief period.

    Rohan has been with Legend Siroya, the real estate division of the group, for over a year. He began as a trainee for the first three months. After completing his apprenticeship, he moved on to become a project manager and is now a partner of the company. In the course of building his career, he acquired vast experience in dealing with businesses and people of numerous nationalities. He developed the canny ability to pick out the most desirable attributes of these entities.

    Legend Siroya believes in a non-hierarchical system of management. The organisational structure is flat, with no ‘heads’. Yet, Rohan is driven by a passion to lead from the front. He perseveres untiringly in the execution of two major flagship projects; oversees the company’s human resource function; contributes to marketing and brand building; and even takes responsibility for direct sales to customers. His philosophy is simple: “Life is all about trial and error. Find all the wrong ways to do something in your desire to seek the right way. Your perseverance will see you through.” He is level-headed and modest. “Success stories are being created as we speak,” he says, unwilling to divulge more.

    But he reveals that most of the company’s projects will be complete within the next five years. By then, Legend Siroya will represent one of the top developers in the country. In another five years, he plans to make it a force to reckon with as a global conglomerate. The company and all its projects are customer driven. All decisions are moulded around the stakeholders. Rohan and his team craftily search for solutions outside the box to create ‘legends’, which is how the company got its name. His vision is to transform the company’s external face into a military unit with the discipline and efficiency that it carries; and into a family unit on the inside, with genuine care and concern for all its stakeholders.

    Besides his addiction to work, Rohan is a fitness buff. He enjoys going to the gym daily. He is trying to gauge the pulse of the city by getting to know as many people as possible. He readily acknowledges the support of his large, extended family. He owes his success to the guiding hand of his grandfather, D B Siroya, who has been a great inspiration.