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    When you don’t know how things are “supposed” to be done, you find a different way of doing them.

    Which is why we eschew the professional way and opt for a more personal way of doing things. Our customers are welcome to meet the top brass at any time they’d like, without making an appointment. Not for usthe layers of faceless “customer service representatives”

    We’re also a bit reluctant to focus on the practicalities. Luxurious amenities are all very well – and vital – but we believe there’s more to a home than what lies within its walls. It’s a place for families to call their own, a way for people to begin building their personal legacies. We tend to approach every project as if we were building it for ourselves, figuring if we wouldn’t want to build our lives there, why should we expect anyone else to?

    We tend to be flexible on the conceptof ‘the right time’ in our heads, any time is the right time. Adversity is just another opportunity. Especially so in the realty business. After all, when a person buys a home, he is investing in his legacy. And we believe there is no better time to begin building a legacy than right now – whenever that ‘now’ may be.

    We’re happy to have competition. It pushes us to gain a better understanding of what people are looking for in a home, to be better at listening to customers and stakeholders in the noise of the realty market. Rather than being a big fish, it’s more important to us to be the fish (so to speak) people want and need us to be.