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    Shrenik D Siroya took over the reins of the construction side of the Legend Siroya conglomerate from his father D B Siroya, whom he calls “The real legend behind the scene… my father and mentor”. Indeed, founder D B Siroya walked away from a lucrative career in oil giant Esso-turned-Hindustan Petroleum, to slowly but surely build the family’s empire.

    Shrenik D. Siroya continues in his father’s unorthodox footsteps, drawing every member of Legend Siroya into his unconventional way of doing things, so that his beliefs permeate the very work ethic of the company.

    D B Siroya founded the working philosophy of Legend Siroya: “You build connections, and build your reputation”, he said – and it is a philosophy Shrenik Siroya follows to this day. Using it to attract like-minded individuals who are each striving in their own way to do what he does best – build. Build a legacy, build something new, build a business each stakeholder can call their own.

    Shrenik Siroya – like his father before him – believes it doesn’t matter what business you’re in and what you know about it, so long as you know the people for whom you are running the business.

    His "unexpert" way of thinking has made Legend Siroya what it is today.